Saturday, June 6, 2009

CDs and Records From the Ponderosa Stomp 2006

Attending the Ponderosa Stomp in Memphis has inspired some fine additions to my music library.

I bought these CDs and LP at the Stomp:

Clarence "Frogman" Henry: "Ain't Got No Home" autographed
Sir Douglas Quintet:"Best", "SDQ is Back"
Warren Storm: "King of the Dance Halls" autographed
Travis Wammack: "Live Rock 'n' Roll Party", "Scratchy", "Snake Rattle and Roll", "Still Rockin'", all autographed
Wilson Pickett "Right On" This LP is yet to be released on CD.

Since returning home, I have purchased these CDs, many cheap as used or cut-outs. In each case, these artists have been under-represented in my collection. All were at the Ponderosa Stomp and performed with the exception of Big Sandy who was there as a fan:
Alarm Clocks: "Yeah!"
Billy Boy Arnold: "Ten Million Dollars", "Goin' to Chicago", "Eldorado Cadillac", "Live at the Venue", "Boogie 'n' Shuffle", "Consolidated Mojo", "Catfish"

Big Sandy: "Feelin' Kinda Lucky", "Dedicated To You", "Radio Favorites", " Night Tide","Rockin' Big Sandy","It's Time"
"Sonny Burgess: "Classic Recordings 1956-1959", "Tennessee Border", "untitled", "Arkansas Rock 'n' Roll"
Deke Dickerson: "Number One Hit Record", "More Milion Sellers"
Hayden Thompson: "Love My Baby"."Rockabilly Rhythm"
The Wailers: "The Fabulous Wailers", "At the Castle"
various: "A History of Garage and Frat Bands in Memphis 1960-1975" vols. 1-2